solitary man by diane benefiel

Coming November 4, 2016 from Boroughs Publishing!

In Solitary Man, Ryder Bronson comes home from Afghanistan with the guilt of his best friend’s death in combat on his shoulders, and the promise to make sure his friend’s widow, sweet Brenna McMurtrey, doesn’t get caught up in some dangerous business happening at home. The big, bad soldier couldn’t keep his heart from falling for Brenna, so his solution was to stay the hell away from her. That plan goes awry when just about every time he turns around she seems to need rescuing. If she wasn’t so determined to deal with every damn, little thing herself, his life would be a whole lot less complicated. He’d managed to keep his hands off her, hadn’t he? Then she’d gone and blown everything apart with that one, simple kiss that had turned into a whole lot more.

shot through the heart by diane benefiel
national readers choice awards

Rane Smith’s nerves are nearly shot. With her ex-boyfriend, a member of a drug cartel, about to get out of prison, every instinct urges her to run as far away as she can get. But her elderly father’s failing health makes that impossible. And if the ex-boyfriend discovers her part in his conviction, he’ll have even more reason to come after her.

Undercover Seattle police detective John Garretson’s job is to find a way to get close to Rane. As her new tenant, he can sit back and wait until her ex shows up. He and his narcotics task force are on the edge of breaking their biggest case wide open and his new landlady is the key. But she’s also sexy as hell and the simmering attraction between them is distracting. Odd, she doesn’t seem the type who’d be involved in the illicit world of drug dealing….

Rane’s secrets are eating away at her and she has no interest in another relationship sure to end in heartbreak. Why won’t John mind his own business?  And why, even when he sparks her temper, does she find him so appealing? When her ex’s brother, a sinister drug lord, forces Rane into a treacherous game of cat and mouse both of their lives are on the line and John’s cover may be blown. Can he save them both and put the criminals behind bars?

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Shot Through the Heart was a 2015 finalist for the National Readers’ Choice Award in the romantic suspense category!

a need to protect by diane benefiel

Ready to hit the reset button on life, Emma Kincaid embraces her unexpected inheritance and heads to Hangman’s Loss, the only place she’s ever experienced happiness. But when her garage goes up in flames and someone breaks in, it soon becomes clear that Emma is the target of something far worse than malicious pranks. To survive, she’ll have to trust the local chief of police—an impossible task because Emma’s past taught her not to trust men in uniform.

Everyone in Hangman’s Loss trusts Bradley Gallagher to protect them; he’s the Chief of Police. Everyone that is except prickly newcomer Emmaline Kincaid. But when the attacks on her continue, Brad will do everything in his power to keep her safe, including putting his life on the line.

The race to find the predator forces Brad and Emma to work together. Sparks fly as they butt heads, but a gun aimed at the heart has a way of shaking up priorities. Can they trust one another enough to have a future?

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